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Our team blends traditional financial insight with deep Bitcoin knowledge. We help streamline Bitcoin accumulation, set up sound custody solutions, and emphasize educational support. We partner with Bitcoin companies to ensure our clients have access to quality technologies and services


Secure your Bitcoin in multi-signature vaults with no single point of failure

  • Full Client Custody: Client – 2 keys | Unchained – 1 key
  • Partial Client Custody: Client – 1 key | Unchained – 1 key | Basilic – 1 key
  • Collaborative Custody: Agent – 1 key | Unchained – 1 key | Basilic – 1 key

Assistance in integrating the Bitcoin ecosystem into the rest of your finances

Specialized support for individuals and businesses managing sensitive vault operations, transactions, or ad hoc inquiries

UTXO Management

Key replacement and security checks

Wallet software to manage Bitcoin addresses and balances

Bitcoin research and education


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